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January 31, 2019
Employers must have W-2 forms in mail to employees. 
Businesses must have 1099 forms to recipients.
January 31, 2019
Employers must file original W-2s and W-3s to the Social Security Administration. 
Businesses must file original 1099s and 1096 to the IRS.
March 15, 2019
Due date for calendar year S-Corp. and Partnerships to file Tax Returns to IRS.
March 30, 2019
You should already have your tax appointment to insure taxes are completed by April 15th. 
April 15, 2019
The following documents are due on this date:
Individual tax returns or six-month extension to October 15th.. 
First installment of 2018 estimated tax payments.
C-Corporation tax returns.
Trust tax returns.
May 15, 2019
Form 990, return for organizations exempt from income tax are due for calendar year nonprofits. (15th day of the 5th month following the fiscal year end.)
June 15, 2019
Second installment of 2015 estimated tax payments are due.
August 1, 2019
Form 5500-C/R or 5500-EZ, return for employee benefit plans due to IRS. (This includes KEOGHs)
September 15, 2019
Calendar year Corporate tax returns that were extended are now due. 
Third installment of estimated tax payments for 2015 are due.
October 15, 2019
Individual Tax returns that were extended are now due.
December 15, 2019
Fourth installment of Corporate estimated tax payments due.
January 15, 2020
Fourth installment of Individual estimated tax payments for 2015 are due.

Important Tax Dates to Remember

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